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Small Diameter Implant Patient

Attraction PlatformTM

Our system is designed to expand your local presence to attract patients seeking a dentist for mini dental implants and full mouth implant solutions. We put you and your team in front of qualified and motivated patient consults which leads to consistent case acceptance.

(All-Inclusive and Fully Customizable)

Small Diameter Implant Marketing Platform

Custom Small Diameter Implant Marketing Website Including Organic Dental Implant SEO
This website will serve as the foundation for our marketing efforts together and help promote the quality of care and options available.
Custom Creation of Engaging Ads
Both small diameter implant procedure-specific landing pages and traditional media ad creation, if applicable.
Smart Targeting and Lead Qualification Process
Ensures high-quality patient leads that accept treatment.
Complete Lead Management Dashboard
Comprehensive tracking and reporting of case acceptance. Real-team access to call tracking and monitoring for up-to-the-minute activity insights. Your dedicated team will ensure monthly reporting, offering in-depth transparency.
24/7 Lead Engagement, Scheduling, and Nurturing
Denttopia’s 24/7 lead engagement and scheduling will pre-qualify and educate leads utilizing our automated system before the in-office consultation, saving your team valuable time and money. This also includes our no patient left behind nurture which includes 12 months of text and email communication to patient inquiries to initiate the scheduled consult and remain top of mind.
VIP Support with a Dedicated Success Representative
Our team approach to implant practice success involves supporting you and your team from the initial patient phone call to the consultation strategies for case acceptance. We have your back and will actively communicate with you and your team to ensure our success together.

Targeted Marketing Options

Targeted Google and Facebook Marketing
We harness the immense reach of Google and Facebook, delivering your message directly to your ideal audience.
Targeted Implant Direct Mailers
Precision-targeted direct mailers ensure your message reaches the right audience at the right time.
Tactical SEO Package
The ultimate solution for boosting your website’s rankings and driving organic traffic.
Implant Education Blogging
Stay ahead of the curve with our implant education blogging, your go-to resource for the latest insights and updates in the world of dental implants.
Implant E-Book Patient Capture
Your key to attracting and engaging potential clients in the digital age.
24/7 Implant AI Receptionist
Experience seamless patient engagement and appointment scheduling.
Custom Practice Website
Tailor-made to showcase your unique brand and services while attracting and engaging patients.
Media Management, TV and Print
Maximize your reach and impact with comprehensive media management for TV and print media.

No added work or stress for your team - we handle everything for you!

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