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Implant Product Support

Your Partner in Implant Excellence

At the Small Diameter Implant Academy, we are committed to ensuring your success in implant dentistry. Our Implant Product Support program is designed to provide comprehensive assistance and guidance regarding IMTEC’s innovative implant products. For all your product-related inquiries and support needs, we’re pleased to introduce our dedicated contact person:

Deanna Shaw

Contact Information:

How Can Deanna Shaw Assist You?

1. Product Information:

Reach out to Deanna for detailed information about IMTEC’s range of implant products. Whether you have questions about specific product features, compatibility, or applications, Deanna is here to provide the answers you need.

2. Technical Support:

If you encounter any technical challenges or require assistance with the use of IMTEC’s implant products, Deanna Shaw is your go-to resource. Receive expert guidance and troubleshooting to ensure seamless integration into your practice.

3. Ordering and Logistics:

Need assistance with product orders, delivery status, or logistics? Deanna can assist you with the ordering process and provide updates on the status of your shipments.

4. Training and Education:

Explore training opportunities and educational resources related to IMTEC’s implant products. Deanna can guide you on accessing training materials and programs to enhance your proficiency in implant dentistry.

5. Product Feedback:

Your feedback is valuable. Whether you have suggestions for improvement or want to share your experiences with IMTEC’s products, Deanna Shaw is here to listen and relay your input to the relevant teams.

Contact Deanna Shaw Today!

For all your implant product support needs, contact Deanna Shaw at (800) 243-7372 or dshaw@pdrus.com. Your success in implant dentistry is our priority, and Deanna is dedicated to ensuring you have the information and assistance required for a seamless experience with IMTEC’s cutting-edge implant products.

Note: Implant Product Support through Deanna Shaw is available exclusively to registered members of the Small Diameter Implant Academy.